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In collaboration with the NCAA, we are excited to bring Canada's first large online presentation and 2019-2020 NCAA Eligibility Guide for Canadians. Sign up for our events, read our articles, view our publications and connect with your admissions counselors from NCAA institutions joining us to support Canada!

The NCAA Athletics Project Publication:

Are you a student-athlete in Canada interested in playing for the NCAA? Check out our most up-to-date version of our NCAA Athletics Project (NAP) publication. Our mission is to bring as many NCAA member schools on board to show their support for our student-athletes in Canada and appreciative of the growing list of U.S. colleges and universities that have joined us so far. Please feel free to share this with your network and reach out to us using the blue messenger on your screen if you have any questions!  

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NCAA Athletics Project

Our 2019 NCAA Speaker

We are fortunate to be collaborating directly with the NCAA to support our student-athletes, parents, coaches and guidance counsellors in Canada. We look forward to working with them to provide exciting updates and joining us at our events!

NCAA - Elizabeth Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson is the associate director of international outreach and education for the NCAA Eligibility Center. She holds degrees in both international relations and French. During her nine years with the NCAA, Elizabeth has held various roles surrounding international student-athlete eligibility—from answering questions for NCAA member schools, students and parents, to overseeing the international academic certification process and relevant NCAA committees. Her current role educating future international prospective student-athletes and those who work closely with them on what it takes to become eligible for the NCAA and all of the opportunities in the U.S. is by far her favorite role yet.  


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Welcome to the Women's College Project!

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Our mission for this exciting project is to teach our young women in Canada the benefits of a women's college education. Sign up for upcoming events, view our digital publication and connect with your admissions counselors from women's colleges today!

The Women's College Project Publication:

Our mission is to educate and inspire our young women in Canada to take a closer look what makes a women's college special. We are happy to have our women's colleges join us for this project to build beautiful college profiles with their favorite videos, digital brochures and information about Canada's main point of contact at their institutions. In the company of like-minded women, you'll benefit from powerful role models, small class sizes, strong academic programs, and professors dedicated to your achievement. We want our girls to strive for excellence and become empowered women of influence in any field of study their passion takes them and it starts with a great education!

Women's College Publication


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We work with the admissions and marketing departments at U.S. colleges and universities to join our projects and build beautiful college profiles to help our students find their admissions counselor. It's simple. Search Canada's admissions counselor from a U.S. colleges or university, visit their profile with us, and connect with them to learn more!

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